TSPTR Purple Work Shirt

$160.00 $80.00
Made In Portugal

TSPTR purple cotton poplin work shirt. Constructed from 5.5 oz Portuguese cotton poplin which is densely woven cotton is super lightweight and naturally wind resistant. Modified 1960's US navy CPO shirt with scoop pockets and authentic anchor buttons. Each shirt is naturally dyed. 

Modified 60’s US Navy CPO shirts were much favoured clothing of Yosemite's Camp 4 climbing community was military surplus or workwear.

Made in Portugal. True to size. 

Wash cold, hang dry.

TSPTR is an acronym standing for Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste and Recognition, the five design principles of Louis Sullivan, American modernist architect.
TSPTR pieces are made in Portugal and Japan, using mills and factories where tradition, expertise and human dignity take precedence over the bottom line.

The fabrics are certified to GOTS standards. Compliance with the standard is audited and monitored.