Salt and Stone Black Rose & Oud Antioxidant Body Wash 15.2oz


Salt and Stone Black Rose & Oud Antioxidant Body wash is a powerful, yet gentle hydrating gel cleanser infused with antioxidant-rich botanical extracts such as Seaweed Extracts & Spirulina,  Blueberry Extract & Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid,  Probiotics + niacinamide. Leaves skin clean with a silky-smooth finish without dehydrating.

Bouquets of black roses and lilies bloom engulfing your senses. A wave of deep, warm oud meets fresh vetiver. Clove and amber invoke memories atop woody cedar.

Fragrance Notes:
Top — Black Rose, Lily of the Valley
Heart — Oud, Mahogany
Base — Vetiver, Santal, Amber

15.2 Fl oz / 450 ML 

Sustainable packaging made from sugar cane.

Brand Notes: SALT & STONE was founded in 2017 by Nima Jalali. As a former professional snowboarder, Nima traveled the world experiencing a broad range of outdoor environments and conditions. Spending long periods exposed to the elements led to understand their effects on the skin and body, and instilled in the importance of protection. During his career, as he struggled with a series of injuries, Nima discovered that a natural approach in his diet and lifestyle optimized his recovery and performance. His personal demand for products (like chemical-free sunscreens and aluminium-free deodorants) that aligned with his natural lifestyle became a catalyst for the inception of SALT & STONE.