Miansai 21" Ojos Enamel Blue Eye Polished Sterling Silver Necklace


Miansai Sterling Silver Ojos Pendant Necklace. There take on the evil eye amulet that originated in ancient Greek times and is said to protect its wearer from nefarious forces. Featuring blue enamel, the Ojos Pendant hangs on a 21-inch sterling silver chain. 

Base Metal: Sterling Silver
Plating: Platinum
Material: Blue Enamel
Finish: Polished

Chain Length: 21 inches
W: 6.8mm
H: 6.8mm
Gauge: 1.3mm

Miansai is the brainchild of Michael Saiger, a born and bred New Yorker who went to school at The University of Miami then stayed there. A self-taught designer, he turned his hobby of finding collectibles into translating those influences into wearable accessories. The results, inspired by New England beaches and his mother's antique shop, are handmade bracelets and key chains that are preppy, rustic, modern and classic.