Kardo Natural Ecru Ronan Embroidered Craft Shirt


Kardo's natural ecru embroidered short sleeve button down shirt. Oversized fit, camp fly away collar, corozo buttons and embroidered is from up cycled fabric scraps.

From the Krado Craft Collection the Ashita Singhal’s Paiwand Studio recycles our scrap textiles into a geometric embroidery on our handwoven Khadi cotton. Each piece of scrap, production waste from our previous collections, is cut into small fine strips, passed through a needle and meticulously embroidered by hand.

Made by one tailor from beginning to end
Model is 6″1′ and wears a size M

Wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low or hang dry.

Kardo is the antithesis of mass-produced fashion. Launched in 2013 with the goal of creating a company that honors traditional weaving, dying and printing techniques in India to create contemporary workwear with subtle twists. They work directly with the hand-weaving community throughout India to help keep these skills alive and vibrant and reduce their environmental footprint. Each item is made start to finish by one single tailor. Kardo manufactures out of their own workshop in New Delhi, providing fair wages to workers and healthy and safe working environment.