Baxter of California Badger Hair Travel Shave Brush

100% badger hair travel shaving brush. This core pre shave tool helps lift facial hair and create lather. The three piece shaving brush features an aluminum handle with matte black anodized finish that doubles as a case. The case allows the brush to breathe properly even when its enclosed. Made in Germany.



Cleanse facial skin. Rinse brush with warm water and shake off excess water. Apply Super Close Shave Formula to the top of the badger brush. With circular brush strokes add a thin layer of cream into your beard. If you would like more later then dip the brush in water and add some shave cream.


Launched in 1965 in Beverly Hills and founded by Baxter Finley. It was the first men's grooming line launched in the US. Jean-Pierre Mastey took over the reigns in 2000. BOC trusted traditions of science with fine ingredients with nature. Ideally for all skin types, the high-tech assortment works alone or in tandem, providing men with intelligent skincare solutions to anti-aging, shaving, cleansing and basic skincare.


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