19-69 Kasbah 3.4oz EDP Fragrance


19-69's Kasbah fragrance is woody with soft asian spices. Scent notes include white honey, amber and sandalwood. Kasbah is inspired by the colorful and creative party scene of Marrakesh during the 1960’s and 1970’s. 

All 19-69 fragrances are suitable for any gender.

Top notes: Sweet Orange - Ripe Lime - White Honey
Mid notes: Geranium - Amber - Patchouli 
Base notes: Vanilla - Tonka Beans - Guaiac Wood - Leather Accord - Sandalwood

19-69 fragrances founded by Swedish Artist Johan Bergelin. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Fragrances are developed and handmade in Scandinavia, France and Italy.