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Wireless charging solutions featuring cutting edge hardware and premium materials. Designed for daily life.


Craighill was started in 2015 by Hunter Craighill. Their ethos revolves around the utilitarian idea of real materials and functional shapes. They want to create timeless and beautiful products that stand the test of time. There is no excess coating or artificial distressing to give each piece a minimal and strong look. 

Cuisse de Grenouille

Cuisse de Grenouille was founded in 2010 by brothers Lucas and Severin Bonnichon in Paris, France. The small independent company sources its inspirations from the timeless vintage era of the 1960’s and a particular "gentleman surfer" look. They also reference icons such as Steve McQueen and Robert Redford. Lucas and Severin started making board shorts first, and since then have grown Cuisse into a full European-made collection of clothing and accessories.

Far Afield

Headquartered in the London, England Far AField takes a conscious approach to sourcing products from reliable and ethically sound suppliers. All clothing and accessories are sourced globally, with a dedication to high quality and ethics. Afield understands the need for the customer to express their individuality. 

Fisher Space Pen

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