Velva Sheen Black 1/2 Zip Loop Wheeler Collared Sweatshirt


Velva Sheen black 1/2 zip up Loop Wheeler collared sweatshirt. 100% cotton. Modern fit. New style with knit hem on sleeves and waist. True to Size. 

Made in Japan

Machine wash cold, hang dry or tumble dry low. We recommend washing separately first as color may bleed onto other items. Use natural earth friendly detergent. Industrial detergent not recommended.

Established in 1932 as a sportswear brand out of Cincinnati, Ohio, VELVA SHEEN was best known for sweatshirts and t-shirts made for American colleges and sports teams, as well as the go-to body line for the Marine Corps. Back in the day, their design fabrication and use of 4 needle machines made the company the foundation for the “American casual” aesthetic. Today, you can still find VELVA SHEEN’s classic “2pac” tees with a tubular knit, along with several collections inspired by their 20th century originals. In keeping with tradition, VELVA SHEEN is proudly "Made in the USA”, upholding their nearly 90 year legacy of quality and design in Los Angeles, CA.