Areaware White Liquid Body Flask


Material: Painted Stainless Steel
Dimensions:  6.5x3.4x.8" (6 ounce capacity)

The Liquid Body Flask is a stainless steel pocket flask designed by The Principals.  Each flask has a unique shape created through hydroforming. Two sheets of surgical-grade stainless steel are welded together and inflated with water pressure, creating a slightly unique shape each time.

Recipient of the Summer 2014 NY NOW Accent on Design “Excellence in Product Design” award.

The Principals are a Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary design studio founded in 2011 by Christopher Williams, Charles Constantine, and Drew Seskunas. Their mission is to unite disparate facets of architecture, fabrication, and industrial design, and expand our understanding of the built realm without abandoning its history. Christopher Williams is a master fabricator who has been involved in the industry for over 10 years. Charles Constantine completed his Master's degree in Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute in 2008. He was previously Design Director of RAM Metals in Brooklyn where, along with Christopher, he launched the Planterworx series for Design Within Reach. Drew Seskunas received his Master’s degree from the Pratt Institute and opened the Berlin office of SAQ Architects. In 2011 he returned to New York to form The Principals with Charles and Christopher.