WITTMORE 10Q with Daniel Sandqvist

WITTMORE 10Q with Daniel Sandqvist

In the beginning days of Sandqvist, there was a real desire to create something significant. When Daniel's brother Anton made the first Sandqvist bag, it was only a matter of time before Daniel started to help his brother out in a bigger way. Daniel and his childhood friend Sebastian were helping Anton build Sandqvist while also running the free magazine, People. Things got serious after international retailers and customers started to want more.

At WITTMORE, we appreciate good design and functionality. That's why we have stocked Sandqvist bags and accessories since our own beginning. Most Sandqvist bags are made in India at facilities with leather and tanning production history dating back to the 12th century.

We reached out to Daniel to see how his influences shine through to his products. And we couldn't stop at just 10 questions so there are a few bonus ones in there. And don't forget to check what you can shop from our selection of Sandqvist bags.

What are your favorite 5 musical artists that you can't live without?
Hard to name only 5. The list gets longer and longer the older I get.. But Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Neil Young, M.Ward, The War on Drugs, Beck…to name a few.

What's the first thing that comes to mind to describe your personal style?
I am relaxed, and I like classic, functional and comfortable clothes. I love good heavy fabrics. Shoes and bags are very important for me.

What is the biggest inspiration for your line?
The Nordic landscapes with vast unpopulated areas, soaring mountains and remote cabins.

What's your favorite global city and what's your preferred airline to get there?
There are so many nice ones. I love NYC and London. But I think Tokyo Is my favorite, I always fly Scandinavian Airlines.

What was the first car you ever owned, and what car would you buy right now?
My first car was a Volvo 244 GLT gold metallic, from 1980. I would like buy a Ford Bronco or a Dodge RAM 1500. A bit thirsty on gas maybe. But nice cars! I still love old Volvos. But I drive a new one. XC90.

Where are you most comfortable?
In my cabin in the north of Sweden. Or anywhere near a river in the forest on the mountain on a lake. Where ever I can fly fish.

Name the most inspiring place you've ever seen first hand?
Chile and Norway. The two most beautiful countries in the world.

What future tech gadget should be invented?
I would need a teleporter from time to time.

What animal are you?
A bear maybe.. A kind one. I like to eat and sleep, and I prefer to be outdoors. And my middle name is Björn. It means Bear in Swedish.

Do you have a daily routine?
Not really. Wake up, walk my dog, drink coffee.

Choose a superpower.
Hmm.. don’t know if I need one.

What's your beverage of choice? (alcoholic or not)
Water, Beer and Bourbon.

How do you like your guacamole: mild, medium or spicy?



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