Studio Arhoj Invasion! 15Q with Anders Arhoj

Studio Arhoj Invasion! 15Q with Anders Arhoj

We discovered Studio Arhoj on Instagram and became obsessed. The Danish interior and design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark is run by the brilliant Anders Arhoj. He explores the relationship between Scandinavian simplicity and traditional Japanese culture and makes some pretty amazing one of a kind porcelain and stoneware objects for home, office, and just for fun. The results are playful and clever and we are proud to have them available at Wittmore both online and in-store. We can't help but smile when checking out their unique objects - especially his Ghosts which we've nicknamed Desk Friends. From cups, paper weights, pen holders, coin slot banks, to ghosts that light up with a candle, we can't get enough. Each is unique, just like you. Click here to shop the limited quantities we have available. And without further ado we present to you our expanded top 15 questions for Anders:

Whom do you admire?

Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin. He's such a different kind of human than everyone else. He only lives for being creative and invent new things and doesn't give two shits about anyone else's opinion or monetary relevance of his work. A lot of people say that, but he actually means it. I also admire people who work hard. Maybe they don't have a lot of talent, but they still work hard as hell. That's great, because that's what actually matters in the long run.

What are your favorite 5 musical artists that you can't live without?

Joni Mitchell, Stereolab, Steve Reich, Cocteau Twins and Aphex Twin. I literally can not live without them.

What's the first thing that comes to mind to describe your personal style?

A cozy, silly mess of textured clay, shiny thick glazes and hopefully a good helping of humor.

What is the biggest inspiration for your brand?

The inspirations naturally change and progress from season to season and my own personal taste changes a lot as well. But books never hurt to read. I love libraries and museums, and I always try to look back in history for ideas.

What's your favorite global city and what's your preferred airline to get there?

It's a cliché but I have to say Tokyo is a big influence - the mix of time periods, textures, styles and colors. It's like the city consumed the past five centuries and coughed it all up again in a huge pile of ecstatic junk. I prefer to fly direct with Scandinavian Airlines from Copenhagen. It's a long flight, but the Japanese are polite and clean travelers to fly with so it's never a problem.

Who is your favorite modern artist?

I've always liked Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons for being super pop and good businessmen at the same time. Because art really is about money, isn't it?

What was the first car you ever owned, and what car would you buy right now?

I'm a Dane living in Copenhagen, I barely know anyone with a car. And last week my bike was stolen in broad daylight, so now I'm riding around on my moms'. I would love to drive a pickup truck though. So I could tool around and find old crap and bring it home.

Where are you most comfortable?

In my home or in my studio. I don't really like to go out to bars and hang out in public spaces. A club is the place where I'm most uncomfortable even though I love to dance and drink. But private parties are just so much better, so I'd rather spend my time doing that instead.

Name the most inspiring place you've ever seen first hand?

A few years ago I was on a road trip with one of my best friends in California and we came across the Hidden Valley in Joshua Tree. Basically I've always loved the desert and palm trees and it was a big deal to finally walk around in sand and rocks with the beaming sun in my eyes and the wind blowing in the palm trees and over the piles of stones. Just bliss.

What future tech gadget should be invented?

I've always needed a pair of glasses that would change your environment visually in a radius of 50 ft around you. So you could walk around in a jazzed up, rainbow colored, animated version of a grey depressing street on a rainy day. With the fast rise of Oculus Rift, Xbox HoloLens and Sony's Project Morpheus I don't think it'll be long now.

What animal are you?

A multicolored hyperactive lemur.

Do you have a daily routine?

I like to get up early and go to bed early. I work best in the mornings.

Choose a superpower.

The ability to eat all the candy and ice cream in the world without dying.

What's your beverage of choice? (alcoholic or not)

I actually really like good, clean tap water.

How do you like your guacamole: mild, medium or spicy?

I'm Danish, I hardly know any other kind of guacamole than the store bought powder kind ... is that spicy? (Ed. note: oh no!)

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